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Challenge Opponents

  • Select the sporting event you would like to make a challenge on and see if it is available in your market
  • Use the FaceOff Chips you have available to create a challenge on the event of your choosing (Your potential winnings will fill in automatically depending on how much you choose to stake)
  • Once completed it is time to send out the challenge. The options are as followed:
    1. Challenge a friend you have on the site directly (You can do this by searching a user’s real or username in the friends search bar)
    2. Send the challenge to the open market for it to be scooped by any user on the site
  • Wait for the challenge to be accepted and track the scores to see who wins

Faceoff Chips

  • Now that you have won a challenge, those FaceOff chips can be used for various options on the site:
    1. Keep the FaceOff chips and continue to play in social challenges against your friends and others
    2. Convert your FaceOff chips into points and use the points to earn a real money prize through our skill-based game

Skill-Based Games

  • To provide a unique experience on our platform, playing a skill-based game is your last step to win our prizes
  • The better you do in this skill game, the bigger your share of the prize will be
  • There are 5 Faceoff Skill Games to choose from. Select the one you want to play and take your shot at winning real-money prizes. Here’s some details about the games:
    • You are given 5 balls to either kick/hit/bowl
    • Prizes are determined by cumulative score after all balls are used
    • A missed shot equates to 0 points
    • Each game has their way to earn max points, be sure to study the rules on each skill game screen or visit our FAQ page for a brief overview
    • The maximum score per round is 100 and the maximum overall score is 500
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